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Linda Lacey, 11/24/2003
I will always remember and love Sean for how wonderfully he treated my daughter, Rachel. Although they only knew each other for about 8 months he was truly the most wonderful boyfriend to her. From her memories that she has shared with us we can see that Sean was a remarkable and loving young man. Rachel was very sick and in the hospital after they had been going together for about 7 months. Sean stayed by Rachel's side every minute that he could while she was hospitalized. Sean would even sleep in her hospital room each night. He would call me and keep me updated as to her condition - we live in Georgia - we wanted to come out there and he promised to let us know as soon as we should come. We did not end up coming out there as Rachel came home and seemed to be doing better. We knew that Sean was taking good care of Rachel and we trusted his judgment. Although it will take Rachel a long time to deal with her grief I am just so thankful that she at least has wonderful and loving memories of Sean.

A Year in Time
Time was yet time is
Like past was and present is.
Life was yet life is
A linear path for mortals who traverse

This universe of seen and unseen
Blindly searching for the connecting point
Viewing all yet seeing nothing
Of a line connecting the known to the unknown.

Faith was and faith is
An incomplete answer to the mystery
Of what life was and what death is
Until the two intersect in an epic collision.

Suffering was and suffering is
An incomplete answer to the mystery
Of what guilt was and what sin is
Until forgiveness leads to an unsure redemption.

Losing Sean was and mourning Sean is
A part of what death was and what life is
Of what loving was and what living is,
Of what remembering was and what growing is.

Bruce D. Bourgeois
Completed October 11, 2004
One Year Anniversary


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Larisa Bourgeois, 11/15/2003
As kids, Sean was so good at math. He could usually figure out (including sales tax!) the total of whatever we were buying at Target or the grocery store before the clerk would tell us the total.

My son has gone to a different place,
Where mortal eyes see not his face.
The news came as Saturday joy turned to Sunday pall,
Visited by a constable who had to call.

Awakened suddenly to a ghoulish nightmare,
Screaming tears of pain I could not bear.
Desperate calls to Austin confirmed the event
Of my son's sudden death by car accident.

A story emerged about a football game
And how my Sean followed the same.
When the Longhorns won, that cheered his pride,
When they lost that way, he drove home and died.

My son has gone to a different place,
Paul said that he ran the good race.
My eyes with faith can see his face,
Amazing pain derived from amazing grace.

The Sean who left us was just a boy,
The Sean who left us brought us much joy.
Some measure our existence as a finite line
With a start and a finish they choose to define.

I cannot measure his life that way,
Memories much more with me will stay.
Two truths discovered I find confessing;
My life must go on; his was a blessing.

July twenty back in seventy-nine,
A child delivered, a son of mine.
October eleven, two thousand three,
My son departed, delivered unto Thee.

Bruce D. Bourgeois, completed on November 21, 2003

Songs That Remember
I brought my son home the other day,
With all my troubles not far away.
Not in the way the Beatles did say,
I believed the Beatles and yesterday.

Why he had to go God knows, I couldn't say,
October came and went, and I long for yesterday.
Now it's just too late and I can't go back there,
Sorry, I'm not perfect and it's just not fair

That a Thanksgiving verse was itself too brief
To celebrate his life or my own journey of grief.
It's only words and words are all I have
When memories leave my heart with no salve.

Some have claimed that time is on my side,
And others that an island never cried.
Yes it did, and it's dying to be free
Of wishing my son could come back to me.

I am a rock, feeling much pain,
Not a rolling stone gathering no blame.
These songs remind me and this island does cry;
I sit and listen as tear go by.

Misery loves company but will never foot the bill.
They'll know we are Christians by our love not our will.
Stopped into a church I passed along the way.
A deacon faced truth while I pretended to pray.

What is truth when the day is done
If Lazarus comes forth and my son is gone?
I know a song about Abraham, Martin, and John
Walking on a hill with Papa Earl, Ellen, and Sean.

Trying to find some good for you and me,
Watching over us till we, too, are free.
How long, Oh Lord, must this pain go on?
How long, Oh Lord, do I need to mourn?

The answer, my friend, I can not comprehend,
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Bruce D. Bourgeois-Completed 04/03/2004